Spring has finally sprung, and it’s only a matter of time before the warmer weather kickstarts your lawn’s new growth and the season of yard work arrives. The first mow of the year is important to setting your lawn up for a healthy growing season over the late spring and summer. There isn’t a set date at which you should start mowing, so it’s best to monitor various environmental conditions to determine when to start mowing in the spring.


The burst of growth in springtime can help make your lawn look fuller and lusher, so you don’t want to cut the grass before it’s had a chance to establish healthy roots. Wait until the new growth is at least 2-3 inches tall before your first cut. Even then, make sure you never cut more than 1/3 of your lawn’s height off—cutting your grass too short makes it vulnerable to disease and mold.


Spring weather can be fickle, especially here in Minnesota, where we can be plagued by false springs and late snowstorms well into April. For the health of your lawn, wait until the temperatures are consistently above 40 degrees, including during the night, to start mowing. Never cut frozen grass—it can do serious damage to and even kill your lawn. If frost is still a risk and you do start to mow, leave your lawn a little long, as shorter blades are more easily killed off.

In addition, try to avoid mowing wet grass. Not only does wet grass not cut as well, but the clumps can clog your mower, and you risk tearing up your lawn with unsightly ruts that take time to grow over. For the first mow of the year, choose a sunny and dry day.


Besides risking frost damage, mowing too soon can uncover the soil and encourage the growth of weeds by exposing them to more sunlight, allowing them to take over your lawn while your grass is still struggling to get started. Consider the necessity of other lawn care steps, too. Things like aeration, dethatching, and pre-emergent application should be done before your first mow.

It’s also best to wait until you have the time to dedicate to your lawn care routine. Every year, spring seems to come out of nowhere, so if you find yourself overwhelmed, call the team at Land Concepts. From weed control to hydroseeding, we handle all aspects of lawn care. Contact us or receive a free estimate online.