As the weather gets colder, many homeowners struggle to determine when to stop watering their lawn in the fall. Minnesota lawns experience a “fall recovery,” which helps them spring back from the dry heat of summer. As autumn sets in, the lack of heat means water won’t evaporate as quickly from your lawn. You’ll need to decrease your watering but not stop completely until later in the season.

Understanding when to stop watering your lawn is an important part of your autumn lawn care routine. As with when to stop mowing in the fall, determining when to stop watering depends largely on the first freeze of the year.

Why Watering in the Fall Matters

Cool-season grasses in Minnesota experience a second growth period in the fall, which is vital to maintaining the plant’s health year-round. This period of growth helps your lawn rebuild its root system after damage from the hot summer and helps prepare a strong foundation for surviving the cold winter to come.

Your lawn still needs nutrients during this time, even if you don’t notice as much visible growth on the surface. Keep up with proper fall lawn care to ensure your grass is getting the nutrients it needs. In addition to watering your lawn, this also includes raking it to ensure sunlight can reach the plant and aerating the soil to reduce compaction and boost nutrient availability.

When to Stop Watering Your Lawn

For Minnesota lawns, you should continue watering in the fall until the ground freezes over. Be careful not to overwater. Not only can this encourage shallow root systems, but it can also make your lawn vulnerable to fungus and other lawn diseases, compromising its ability to survive the winter.

Tips for Watering Your Lawn in Fall

  • Water early in the morning—this gives your lawn enough time to dry out before temperatures drop during the evening
  • If your area gets more than an inch of rain in a week, you can forgo watering
  • If the weather remains hot and dry throughout autumn, water your lawn a few times a week

One of the best ways to ensure your lawn is getting the hydration it needs is to install a home irrigation system. With the use of timers and water gauges, you can customize your irrigation system to suit your lawn’s changing needs throughout the seasons.

At Land Concepts we install reliable, environment-friendly irrigation systems that can help you safeguard your lawn’s health throughout the fall. Learn more about our state-of-the-art irrigation systems, or contact us with any questions.