To Restripe or Not to Restripe? The Age Old Question

Think about an ideal parking lot. Crisp yellow lines lace down the pitch, bordering cars of every make and model. Now think about what they really look like. When you stop and remember how they usually appear, you’ll probably recall a worn set of lines, fading so much that they obscure where the drivers should park. Double parked trucks and sedans are scrunched together, making the whole lot look like a chaotic mess.

There comes a point where you’ll consider restriping it–adding on a fresh coat of paint to restore all the clean edges that time, tires, and weather have undone. Customers often ask, “what’s the point?” Believe us when we tell you that restriping parking lot lines makes a lot of difference. Keep reading for just a few of the ways that it can enrich your business.

Reasons for Restriping

When you restripe a parking lot, you ought to know what benefits you can get from shelling out some cash for new lines. For most businesses, from banks to property management, restriping a parking lot can improve many aspects of your business.

  • Aesthetics: No one likes a messy lot. Not even the owner. Most parking lots wither away after one or two years of neglect, depending on factors like winter weather, traffic, and paint quality. Regardless of why, a person may consider doing a restriping solely for looks. A restriped parking lot may even be a great boost when trying to sell a property.
  • Safety: We all know accidents happen. But how often do they happen in parking lots? According to one source, about 50,000 accidents happen in parking lots every year. What does this have to do with restriping? If your lines aren’t clear enough, you can be held liable for any damages sustained from accidents occurring from poor visibility. A high-quality painting will only set you back a few hundred dollars, but a settlement could number in the thousands.
  • ADA Regulations: The Americans with Disabilities Act regulates that parking lots must have clear lines that comply with their standards. In addition, older lots that do not have the regulated amount of handicap spaces, visible markings, or adequately spaced stalls can be found in violation. This can lead to large fines for violating the law and result in a harsh cost to the owner.

Restriping doesn’t have to be fun, but it can be easy. Just a once-over from our team can make your business shine. And, as a bonus, free you from worry about lawsuits and litigation. Whether it’s due to weather or wear, let our team solve your problems. We’re just one phone call away.