Winter might seem like a strange time to consider the health of your lawn, but protecting your lawn amongst the colder months can help ensure it sprouts quickly and maintains its vibrant green throughout the summer. There are multiple elements to caring for your lawn throughout the winter, but preventative maintenance, winter mulching, and winter care are some of the best ways to help your lawn in the winter.

Winter Mulching

Mulching is typically used in gardens and around trees. While this useful practice might be best associated with summer, mulching in the winter protects the soil and provides nutrients. For a more complete analysis on winter mulching tips, check out our previous blog.

Preventative Maintenance

For preventative winter lawn care, utilize the late fall and early winter to care for your lawn. Things like fall aeration can dramatically improve your lawn’s tolerance for winter.  In a similar vein, leaf removal is also a critical aspect of lawn maintenance, since leaves can become sites of lawn disease if left on the grass and under the snow.

Rake or Mulch

The great debate within the world of lawn maintenance: should you rake your leaves or mulch them? Each comes with benefits and drawbacks, but in recent times, we have seen a rise in the popularity of mulching of leaves. While this practice does limit the presence of leaves in your yard, that’s not always a good thing.

Keeping leaves around offers homeowners a free mulching solution, and they are an invaluable food and shelter source for pollinators. Raking leaves also has the benefit of loosening, or removing, your lawns thatch, the layer of dead grass and leaves within the grass atop the soil.

Cold Weather Lawn Care

Caring for your lawn in winter is possible, though it is much different from summer lawn care. Caring for your lawn in winter is done by staying off of it. Grass becomes severely fragile after the frost sets in, meaning that even a casual stroll to the mailbox or swing-set can result in dead patches. Additionally, use a de-icing mixture that is safe for plants, as melting runoff in the spring can wash de-icing matter into your lawn.

Call the Professionals We know lawn care is an extensive undertaking—green grass doesn’t grow itself. At Land Concepts, we believe every homeowner deserves a well-maintained lawn, and we offer a variety of lawn care services to help you achieve just that. This spring, if you find your lawn has been damaged by poor winter lawn care, contact us for help.